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Let Laura Blair’s passion, unquestionable scope of knowledge and expansive creativity be your guide and the spark of inspiration for all your interior design projects. For over 18 years, Laura has made it a personal mantra to achieve timeless, bespoke intimacy, elevating the stature of most any space, into a private retreat where a house truly becomes a home.

“The wheels are always spinning”

“The wheels are always spinning,” admits Laura Blair, “As a designer I’ve seen practically everything. It’s hard to surprise me. But I still enjoy a good challenge. The best part of being a designer is helping my clients achieve their dreams – one room at a time.” Gushingly, she adds, “I really do have the best job in the world and I love it!”

Over the years Laura has put on her creative thinking cap to meet and exceed her client’s expectations. A quick history of her impressive slate of projects illustrates how diverse, yet selective, and mind-boggling inventive she can be; generating a potpourri of possibilities, ingeniously, meticulously planned.

Achieving that ‘wow’ factor is what it is all about!

“Good design is all about the details. My role is to create beautiful, personalized comfortable spaces,” Laura admits, “Rooms tailor-fitted to my clients’ every whim, desire and functional needs. For me, building outwards from idea to concept, culling a wealth of research, together with my expertise, into a singular driving force and eventually a concrete manifestation of their dreams…what could be better than that? Oh, exceeding what even they thought was possible at the start. Achieving that ‘wow’ factor is what it is all about!”

Laura has never backed away from a challenge. With charisma and a slight insanity for the details, Laura Blair has made it her personal mission to get things done timelines, budgets and wish lists included. “From steel-toed boots to high heels I’ve walked the beat and covered my bases,” Laura admits, “The greatest challenge is always unrealistic timelines. You know, it only takes an hour – with commercials – to redo a room on TV. But realistically, you cannot do a complete kitchen reno over a weekend.”

Laura’s love of design began early; observing her father, a gifted carpenter, and mother, a self-taught decorator and collector of antiques, combining their talents and tastes, gradually evolving their love of design into the family’s home that was cozy, inviting and stylish. Even after all of her education and tenured experiences, earning an Advanced Interior Design Diploma from St. Clair, Laura still has not forgotten these formative years.


“As in life, all things in design eventually work out for the best”

“Design is in my genes,” she admits. Even so, her pragmatism extends far beyond the realm of design. “As in life, all things in design eventually work out for the best,” says Laura, “…with a lot of hard work! Technology has made the transitional process of every designer run much more smooth. Today, I can offer my clients seemingly infinite options. Telescoping these into a manageable array of possibilities is where the fun begins. By providing full service from start to finish I not only help whittle down, but also mold the creative process. I like to involve my clients as much – or as little – in the creative process as makes them comfortable. In the final analysis, it’s really all about the client. I am the catalyst for jump-starting their conversation, nurturing it into a full-bodied exchange of fruitful ideas, sculpting the thought process from high concept to concrete reality, and hopefully, unearthing the real story my clients are trying to tell with the choices they have made.”

A tall order, indeed. But Laura Blair is confident every great design begins with an even greater story. So, let her help you find the new chapters in your next design, renovation or build project.

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  1. Wonderful article about a beautiful designer! Laura Blair has an amazing eye for detail and is a pleasure to work with from start to finish!

  2. Wonderful article highlighting an amazing designer! Laura Blair is amazing to deal with from start to finish. Highly recommended for professionalism and quality.

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