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Autumn: it’s the perfect time to welcome nature’s cornucopia of color into our homes. As the days grow short and tart crispness fills the air, consider cozying up existing living spaces with a fantasia of robust and inviting autumn hues.


Just remember: re-freshening a room isn’t about doing everything all at once.

Just remember: re-freshening a room isn’t about doing everything all at once. So if your budget and timeline do not lend themselves to ‘ground up’ makeovers, take a deep breath and relax. You can still live the dream. Because it’s all about augmenting what’s already there with subtler possibilities. These can just as potently invigorate, inform and excite at a glance. So, how creative can you be with a minimal investment of time and money? Very! Let’s get started!


You can add warmth, vigor, finesse and fun to most any room, creating snugly environments you will want to revisit over and over again, simply by swapping out accent pillows. Trade in those lightweight summer cottons and linens. Say goodbye to sea-foam greens and powder blues and hello to some luxuriating Luxe velvet cushions in rich shades of deep burgundy, woody browns and burnt sienna. Accent pillows add real pizzazz to a room. For extra ‘wow’ try a decorative throw.  Consider re-painting or wallpapering an accent wall in your living room, foyer or powder room for that added ‘oomph’ and ‘genuine pop’. Remember, paint is still the most economical way to completely transform a space virtually overnight.

The-Room-At-Coulters-Fall-Trends-Coulters-Living-SeptemberAutumn is nature’s way of inaugurating the pending holiday season.

As we kick into gear for another round of get-togethers with family and friends, why not begin with a grand entrance – literally! Add an entry table, large enough to display a few decorative accessories: the perfect gateway to all sorts of reinvigorating design possibilities. Augment your chosen look with plushly tailored chairs, a tufted bench or decorative footstool for guests to remove their shoes and boots or just to sit on and rest for a while to chat.

When it comes to entertaining, there are several focal points to consider. One is undoubtedly the dining room. As the years pass, dining chairs can start to show their age long before the table, hutch and other credenzas. No worries. Just swap out old chairs for new ones, or re-upholster existing chairs in bright and bold fabrics. You might also try swapping out the ones at each end for large ‘host’ and ‘hostess’ accent chairs. Even a decorative cushion, strategically placed for better back support, can make a huge difference and a statement in any room.

Try warming up your table-top centerpieces with brightly shaded and interestingly formed gourds and pumpkins. Autumn’s horn-o-plenty is a decorator’s dream, giving you carte blanche to introduce a multitude of exotic splashes to the palette. White-wash pumpkins, as example, can add unexpected and eye-popping flair to a splendorous table-top masterpiece.


Be bold. Make your centerpieces conversation pieces.

Explore traditional colors, shapes and sizes in unconventional ways: pumpkin spice, frost-bitten greens, copper tones, vintage russet, terracotta and berry shades can enrich and bring autumn’s warmth inside.

Another focus: the fireplace mantel. As we gather round the hearth to share heartwarming stories, hot apple cider, popcorn and crisp apple strudels, the place of honor mantels hold becomes universal, almost sacred. What better way to show our love for kith and kin than by enhancing their time spent near this roaring blaze with some sumptuous and timely decor adorning our mantelpieces.

As we’ve already mentioned, gourds and pumpkins are obvious accouterments. But so are silk leaves, grape vine, and twine, arranged with some time-honored hardcover books, neatly stacked, along with various sized, colored/scented candles, in candelabras, lanterns and hurricane lamps. Lanterns and hurricane lamps can also extol the bushels and bounties of color-rich gourds, silk leaves and decorative pine cones.

Mantels tend to favor wreaths. To bring out the spectacular hues of autumn consider a wreath made of grapevine, neatly tucked with sprigs of colorful leaves, berries and straw. Perhaps, even some curly willow, also tucked into open bookcases, casually plain on a console or sofa-back table or neatly tied in bunches to line entrances. Again, it’s all about bringing the outdoors in.

At The Room we pride ourselves on helping you achieve ‘the look’ you are after. From the most subtle accents to extreme, big-scale revamps, our Design Team is here to see your through. So, contact us for an appointment today. We’ll help you fall in love with your home for the holidays.

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