Autumn Splendors – Inside and Out


Autumn the beautiful time of year filled with so many new beginnings.

When the summer beach towels have been officially retired and our last ‘night’ swim is fast becoming a memory, we turn to the color-rich splendors of autumn; shorts, sandals and sunglasses away; cable knit sweaters, warm woolens and laces out. The children head off to school and the trees begin to turn, then shed their foliage. The days gradually dwindle. The wind turns colder still; all signs energetically point to the pending holidays and the approach of another new year.

Coulters Living - Laura Blair Interior Designs Fall 2017

Some of us don’t really want to talk about the end of those lazy days of summer. Some of us cannot wait for it. But whatever camp you ‘fall’ into, autumn is on its way, and with it, the promise of cozier nights spent in front of a bonfire or hearth, switching over from cool drinks to steeped herbal teas and hot cocoa. Yum! Autumn’s grandeur and grace notes inspire our home decor. So, let’s consider just a few options to invigorate and prepare your home for the best autumn has to offer. No matter the season, your home ought to reflect, embrace and celebrate the prevailing seasonal changes.

A home can change without a complete remodel.

The bright signs of summer florals, as example, can get gradually replaced with the crisp rustic smells of cinnamon and pumpkin spice. Floral arrangements that were pastel pink and buttercup yellow are now tinged in richer tones of burgundy and brown, burnt ochre and ever so slightly frost-burnt reds, oranges and yellows. No home is complete without a seasonal wreath or two to add to the comfort of the season.

Coulters Living - Laura Blair Interior Designs Fall Mirror

Try sprucing up an existing sofa, loveseat, favorite chair, bench or bed with vibrant accent pillows. Those navy and white nautical prints go back into the closet, replaced by involving plaids and a warmer palette of supple-to-the-touch, invigorating velvets. Woolen throws, flannel comforters and cushiony feather-down pillows are just one way of bringing the enveloping comfort of autumn to life. For all sorts of reasons – autumn speaks to the agricultural urge in us; the horn of plenty, a dried decorative arrangement of brightly colored corn; hay bundled in stacks. When we think of autumn we conjure thoughts of getting back to nature. To add homey touches, try a little farm house decor; lettering and signage, meaningful slogans inscribed in easily removable wall décor. Whatever your choice, inspirational to clever and beyond, stenciled words on a wall – even as simple as “grateful” or “fall” can set the tone, mood and flavor for a bright new season of special and intimate delights.

Autumn also reminds us of happy times, growing up at home; the scents of home-made cookies and cider.

Not all of us have a passion for cooking. Some of us just aren’t very good at it. But a lot of us simply do not have the time. No worries: we can still rekindle the essence of our youth and mom’s homemade goodies with scented candles. There is no shortage of ‘flavors’ to pick from today; from pumpkin pie, to cinnamon and apple spice, to sugar cookie; invigorating your sense of smell will help to stimulate your passion for other pursuits. Perhaps nothing is as welcoming as a prominent display of autumn’s abundant and natural riches; tablescapes of selectively corralled and smartly colored pumpkins, gourds and leaves; birch logs with strategically placed tea lights or neatly arranged around a candle or artificially lit hurricane lamp; tall and random, eclectic and detailed; such arrangements draw the eye to investigate and admire.

Autumn is a time when everything seems to be coming up ‘gold’. Candle sticks, branches singed in faux gold leaf, cabinet handles, lighting, etc. et al. You can freshen up your kitchen simply by redressing its hardware and adding a new light fixture. Just remember, home decor is not about doing Page 3 everything. It’s about adding those simple, yet effective touches that truly make a house your home. For those more pragmatic, it’s time to start getting creative with your storage. Personally, I get a huge boost in satisfaction when everything has its place.

Coulter's Living - Laura Blair Interior Designs Bathroom

A well-ordered home is a joy to spend time in.

It can be as easy as finding a large wicker basket to store unneeded toss cushions, or dressing up and/or staining an old wooden crate to use as a magazine, book display or rack for your expanding vinyl album collection. Try tucking another into the bottom of your closet for easy access to those warm mitts, hats and scarves, soon to be put to good use during the fast approaching and long winter months. Whatever mode of storage you refine, get creative with your choices. Discover new ways to use existing storage. Decorating your home in perennial seasonal decor can be as simple as adding some comfortable seating to your favorite chair or as elaborate as staging vignettes with large mirrors and hand-made or store bought decorative wreaths.

Coulters Living - Laura Blair Interior Designs Chandelier

When autumn arrives, I like to do selective staging around my home, drawing the eye to several focal points of interest; seasonal groupings that invite both my family and the casual visitor to feel right at home. Comfort can also be attained by adding stately accents to an already fully-furnished room. For me, nothing says comfort like this Decor-rest modern wing chair; the perfect accent piece. Adding a pair near the fireplace, perhaps with an ottoman, or substituting Decor-rest swivel chairs adds functional focus and comfort to most any living space. Best of all, they are customizable in a broad selection of fabric choices, nail heads and wooden leg finishes.

So, get ready. Because autumn is upon us.

Slipping into a great new look or merely revitalizing an old one is entirely up to you. But be proactive and have fun with all your home decorating projects. You don’t have to do a complete overhaul to be successful. Just start what you can finish, and, before you know it your home will be ready for the splendors of the season. Best and good luck.


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