About The Brand

Huppé is a Quebec based business founded in 1967 by Mr. Raymond Hamel and his two brothers, Aurèle and Sylvio. In its beginning, the company was devoted to manufacturing cedar chests and its entire production was destined to the Cercle d’économie de la future ménagère, a home economics organization. Huppé’s cedar chests quickly found their way into several Canadian homes from Halifax to Vancouver.

To increase its production capacity, the business moved five times: First, from the basement of Aurèle’s home to an old hen house transformed into a shop and finally, to a building constructed in an industrial park.

The founders saw big. To their cedar chest production, they added coffee tables and over the years, wall units, dining room furnishings and bedroom furniture. With these changes, they introduced their products at various furniture shows from coast to coast.


Huppe Furniture


bedroom sets, dining sets, leather furniture

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