Good day and welcome to the debut of Coulter’s Living!

It’s all here!

Coulter’s Furniture has been southern Ontario’s leader in customized home furnishings for nearly 70 years; an 80,000 sq. ft. emporium devoted to some of North America’s most trend-setting furniture manufacturers. Over the decades, the Coulter family has refined the experience of shopping for expertly crafted home furnishings down to a finite science. Their showroom is an experience unlike any other, and, their generational commitment to achieving the highest level of client satisfaction, by zeroing in on the best selection, quality and guaranteed lowest prices, remains unsurpassed. While this newly inaugurated blog will continue to champion and bring to light the considerable efforts that have gone into the Herculean task of becoming the largest furniture retailer in Southwestern Ontario, this blog endeavors to do more…much more!

So, here at last, after some years of consideration and planning, is a blog dedicated to all things design orientated. Each week will feature two informative blog posts exploring different areas from the vast and ever-evolving spectrum in interior design. Here, you will find intriguing stories about some of the leading manufacturers in the business, and here, you will be able to draw on a wellspring of knowledge from some of the experts working in interior design today. Each Friday will be devoted to ‘The Designer’s Depot’ – an intimate chat with Coulter’s leading couturier of design specialists. Offering advice on how to address some of the most common, as well as more ambitiously tackled design and renovation projects, Coulter’s Central will also help you refine your search and offer you options to consider.

From the drama of picking out the right draperies to advice on trimming the perfect Christmas tree and all points between and beyond, Coulter’s Central endeavors to become a home base for all your design queries, concerns and needs: a tall order, indeed. So let’s get the proverbial ‘ball rolling’, the discussion started, and kick off the excitement of finding that perfect look for your home that will become your new favorite conversation piece.

Time-honored cliché: your home is your castle. So now, permit us to throw open the gates, lower the drawbridge and invite you into one of the true treasure troves in the retail furniture industry. No entering Coulter’s Central – a new twist on an old standard and so very much more.

It’s our pleasure to serve you. Welcome and enjoy!

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