Timeless, Cozy, Sensual and Sleek: The Art of Bathroom Design

Maria Kozmor Coulters

As a designer, one of the most rewarding experiences is a bathroom remodeling. Some people only consider a bathroom as a necessary and functional part of their home. More recently, however, many have decided that apart from its utility, bathrooms can become yet another extension of their own design philosophy. While we may not spend as much time in our bathrooms as other parts of our home, many are discovering that a bathroom can be both practical and gorgeous at the same time; an escapist and relaxing sanctuary where we rejuvenate and refresh ourselves in invigorating and cheerful surroundings.

When it comes to bathrooms, color is a paramount consideration.

When it comes to bathrooms, color is a paramount consideration. While the classic, and somewhat clinical bright white look has never gone out of fashion, a lot of people today are reconceiving their bathrooms in deeper, more sensual colors. The psychology of color is quite fascinating. Color influences mood. It impacts us in subliminal ways; causing our pulse, either to quicken or relax, and, stimulating our sensory impulses through arresting and invigorating hues and tones. Whether you are into soothingly long hot baths or just a quick shower to feel fresh after the challenges of a long day, your choice of color will dictate and help to create a temporary retreat from the cares of the outside world.

Maria Kozmor Coulters

One of the key aspects about being a designer is instinctively tapping into a clients’ needs, wants and desires; rising to meet the challenge of their unique lifestyle demands. The process begins by doing a quick analysis of either the existing bathroom or perusing the blueprint of a new construction; ascertaining whether the new layout will maximize all available space to its utmost and also be as ‘user friendly’ as possible. As our population base continues to age, a growing concern is to accommodate the elderly and those with special needs; making sure doorways are wider and doors open more completely for wheelchair and walker access; focusing on unobstructed pathways to the main features (sink, toilet, shower, bathtub) and finding ways to accessorize hand and guard rails in strategic locations that serve the purpose for which they were intended but do not draw undue attention to themselves at a casual glance.

Maria Kozmor Coulters

If we are talking ‘new construction’, after I re-conceive the available space the next step is a complete reimagining of the esthetics involved in truly bringing the room to life: examining options such as colors, textures, tile, lime stone, marble, granite, Quartz, cement and wood. Introducing different materials in a harmonious way that will both stimulate and provide comfort and purpose; these are the most rewarding parts of the design process. It’s where creativity kicks in and the designer and client’s wants, dreams and needs converge to create one central focus, achieving truly great results.  Lastly, picking fixtures – faucets, lighting, knobs and mirrors among many other options – adds the necessary bling of timeless glamor as well as utilitarian simplicity to the end result.

Maria Kozmor Coulters

I am always in search of new and different ideas. In my many travels around the world I always make it a point to visit the bath showrooms and quite often find fresh and luxurious high concepts that I can implement into the next bath renovation project. If you want to share in this ever-evolving experiment of creative design, my decades of experience can certainly help. Let’s make an appointment for your exciting first step to a new and stunning bathroom today. I’ll look forward to seeing you.


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  1. Maria
    I can only imagine all the beautiful aspects of design you would artistically come up with for a bathroom Reno. I wish I was in a position to be one of your clients.
    Have fun and let those creative juices flow.

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