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Interiors By Maria Coulter's Furniture

“All truly great design should be about achieving a level of functional beauty, grace and harmony in the place you call home!”

Hello. My name is Maria Kozmor. Welcome to Interiors by Maria. In my twenty plus years as an interior designer, fifteen as a design consultant with Coulter’s Furniture, there have been many exciting trends and styles. Interiors by Maria was founded on the principle that there is no one ‘design philosophy’; that when it comes to creation, the sky is the limit and everything is possible with a little fine tuning, a lot of hard work and more than a smidgen of creativity to help the cause along. I think my European background (born in Budapest, Hungary) was the perfect springboard for launching into a career in interior design, because it allowed me the opportunity to work for a lot of different furniture manufacturers while still a summer student throughout high school and college. The result was a very eclectic and ‘hands on’ approach to interior design.

Interiors By Maria Coulter's FurnitureInteriors By Maria Coulter's Furniture

If experience has taught me anything, it is that all truly great design begins by listening to a client’s needs. A good designer will try and persuade their client to see things his/her way. But a great designer internalizes their clients’ dream, making it their own, finessing it along the way and transforming the fanciful ‘what if?’ into the absolute and fulfilling living embodiment of life itself.

“I take every last detail to heart.”

At Interiors by Maria, I take every last detail to heart. My goal is to satisfy your needs, help you find your purpose and provide you with the most enchanting, cozy and functional touches of creativity that will continue to add something lasting and memorable to your way of life for many years yet to come. Most important of all – I want to live up to your sense of style. My dream is yours!

Interiors By Maria Coulter's Furniture

“I like to keep things cozy and comfortable, and, above all else, well-coordinated.”

My job is to broaden your horizons (introduce you to opportunities you may not even be aware exist) while simultaneously narrowing the scope and/or focus of your daunting search for ‘the perfect combination’; bringing new vigor and charm into your rooms while still working within the framework of those pieces you simply cannot live without.  Most any designer can conceive, given a blank slate and blank check. But what sets the truly enterprising one apart is how clever, judicious and creative we can be, working within someone else’s budget, reality and time constraints. Personally, I relish this part of my job. I love to blend the old with the new. My best advice to clients is, don’t go for trends! Most are short-lived and become very dated very fast. Whether working with traditional or contemporary pieces, I like to keep things cozy and comfortable, and, above all else, well-coordinated.

I want you to have a beautiful home. The internet has given us more choices – too many, in fact – and for many, perusing it for inspiration quickly devolves into an even more overwhelming experience. Interiors by Maria starts at the beginning and builds on an idea from the inside out. I will walk you through the design process. Every client’s ‘starting point’ is different. No two projects are ever begun from the same embarkation and no final result is achieved in quite the same way. That makes my career a real daily challenge. But it is also very invigorating and thrilling.

“I want you to love that place you call home”

I love my job. But I want you to love that place you call home. A dream may be a wish the heart makes. But it is oft unrefined and very fuzzy on the details. Breaking it down to concrete levels of pleasure is therefore both the dream and the promise Interiors by Maria makes to each and every client; achieving the ‘wow’ factor that is cozy, functional and destined to provide hours of enjoyment for years.

Interiors by Maria offers a full ‘in-house’ service of designer possibilities. Come in and see me at Coulter’s today or contact me at (phone and email). There is so much to think about and lots more to do. But with an open mind and a lot of effort we can do great things. So let’s start by searching for those foundations that speak to you. Let’s build a dream together!


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