The Top 10 Reasons It May Be Time for a New Sofa

In 1982, talk show host, David Letterman began his legendary run on late night television; to date, the only host to effectively have competed with the galvanized reputation of The Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson. Letterman, like Carson before him, was a trailblazer in the medium of after hour’s pop-u-tainment. And he instituted what would become a main staple of the circuit for decades to follow: the Top 10 list.

As they say, ‘imitation is the cheapest form of flattery’ and so we have decided to take our mad stab at immortality with an ongoing ‘Top 10’ franchise to hopefully delight, amuse, and above all else, educate you in making smart choices when shopping for home décor.

So, here goes, folks: the top 10 reasons if may be time for you to consider getting rid of an old sofa.

Number 10: For the same reason you have resisted wearing that flatiron grey and doghouse brown pinstripe, 100% polyester leisure suit for the last 25 years.

Number 9: If you think you may have just discovered a cushioned substitute for sitting directly on a block of cement

Number 8: When even the moths look starved.

Number 7: Because your great grandmother fondly commented she had one just like it and you suddenly realize that it’s hers.

Number 6: The coils in the seat should outnumber the one’s currently sticking into your backside.

Number 5When you can’t seem to recall, even by looking at it, what color it actually was when it first rolled out the showroom.

Number 4: Because you graduated from college in 1979.

Number 3: Because furniture stuffed with a combination of shredded newspaper and formaldehyde is no longer considered ‘an antique’; just a fire hazard.

Number 2: Because the last time you decided to take a break you had absolutely no intension of sitting on the floor.

Number 1: Because when it comes to comfort, there ought to be no ‘fond memories’; only pleasant surprises each time you snuggle up for a cozy night in front of the television or fireplace on a sofa that nurtures good back support and encourages you to enjoy it as the perfect place you want to be.

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