10 Reasons You May Need A New Mirror

In 1982, talk show host, David Letterman began his legendary run on late night television; to date, the only host to effectively have competed with the galvanized reputation of The Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson. Letterman, like Carson before him, was a trailblazer in the medium of after hour’s pop-u-tainment. He also instituted what has since become a main staple of the circuit: the top 10 list. As they say, ‘imitation is the cheapest form of flattery’ and so we here have decided to take our mad stab at immortality with an ongoing ‘Top 10’ franchise that will hopefully delight, amuse, and above all else, educate consumers into making smart choices when shopping for home décor.

So, here goes, folks: the top 10 reasons you may need a new mirror.


#10: Just as mirrors can give the illusion of more light, they can also make a room feel larger than it really is.  When hung low, as this one is, or when propped against a wall, large mirrors, in particular, give the illusion of more space as they can reflect a larger area, even extending into adjacent rooms.

#9: You need something fresh and new!

#8: Because reflective glass has been around for centuries and you’ve taken it much too close to heart.

#7: Because that mirror you found behind the fun-house after the carnival left town doesn’t count.

#6: Because after all these years of applying mascara, it is high time you realized your left eye is higher than your right.

#5: Because all your artwork has been sent out for restoration.

#4: Because the fairest one of all is still the one who can actually see how she looks before leaving the castle to go grocery shopping.

#3: Because if you think the rose-embroidered Strawberry Shortcake mom and dad bought you when you were nine is just fine, then it’s not just the mirror that’s cracked.

#2: Because a good mirror is like a good therapist, offering sound reflections on, and, concrete evidence of your virtues as well as your vices; ditto for constructive criticism on ways to improve what it sees.

#1: Because a good mirror not only reflects the truer aspects of ourselves back at us, it also augments the beautiful things that surround, offering depth of focus and another chance to celebrate the way we choose to live our lives.

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